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Base: tripod sculpture in fully polished, fine-grained black statuary granite, suspended on adjustable jacks (coil springs),

Solid brass legs, gold-plated finish,

Base: fine-grained black granite from the same source, 30 mm thick, polished face and fields,

Solid brass motor block, polished to a fine gold finish, with 33.33 rpm pulley and flywheel,

Speed 45 rpm via separate adapter,

Trim-adjustable engine cradle on anti-vibration studs, gold finish

Synchronous motor 230V / 50 Hz, 250 rpm,

Powered by 2-pole CE plug + ground,

Solid aluminum top, Ø 347 “Aviation grade Zircal”, natural aluminum finish with high gloss polish, weight 27 kg compensated by partial magnetic repulsion (95%).

Flat ground belt drive

Precision tapered bearings (patented)

Riffaud Micpormat tray cover (microporous PVC),

Polished brass puck with fine gold finish,

Total weight: 120 kg

Hanging weight: 85 kg

Dimensions 700 x 700 x 350



Cut from a block of granite, then sculpted and polished by hand, the Heritage tripod base is a work of art in its own right. It rests on a granite top machined from the same block of Zimbabwean granite.

Its original, monumental, never-before-seen appearance conceals an unprecedented ability to transcribe vinyl into living music.

Its design is based on the technical achievements of previous models (Epure, among others) and enriched by experience. It contains the main features of Pierre Riffaud’s philosophy:

  • Mass as an inescapable principle
  • Pure mechanics and belt drive
  • Kinetic inertia guarantees smooth rotation, transforming energy into unrivalled dynamics.
  • Partial magnetic repulsion (95% of the plate’s mass) provides a referent point of rotation.

These technical imperatives are elevated to the highest level here.

The master plan for this project has been maintained regardless of the difficulties involved.

The result is an exceptional turntable, probably the only one of its kind in the world.

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