To stimulate your emotions and increase your enjoyment of vinyl records tenfold, Pierre Riffaud spent a long time working on this exceptional model.

Made to order and to customized specifications, the
turntable by Pierre RIFFAUD features noble materials: technical base in black Zimbabwe granite, stainless steel motor block, chrome-plated brass arm base, solid “Aviation Grade” aluminum top. It will make its debut at the Festival son & Image 2016. The concept of mechanical mass dear to this designer is fully expressed here: in order to obtain total insensitivity to external vibratory excitations, the Saturn
turntable opposes a suspended mass of 75 kg via three shock-absorbing feet equipped with height-adjustable coil springs. Perfect speed stability is achieved by the combined effect of the large-diameter 26 kg magnetic-repulsion chainring and the flywheel on the motor pulley. Equipped as standard with the RIFFAUD Signature arm, a 12-inch unipivot on a silicone bath, whose mobile part is interchangeable in a matter of seconds, it can also accommodate any other arm on the market chosen by the user. This is enough to satisfy both audiophile cell enthusiasts and collectors of mono recordings or 78 rpm waxes, without having to make tedious adjustments at every cell change. This turntable follows in the footsteps of the superlative objects created by Pierre Riffaud, while retaining an exceptional sense of proportion. The mechanics are pure, the design is rigorous, with an emphasis on simplicity, and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. Allow six to ten months for delivery… and stable furniture to support the 85 kg of Saturn.
Saturn’s weight.