Intemporelle II

Technical specifications :

Power supply 230 V 50 Hz

Turntable with suspended mass.

Dimensions: 400 X 500 mm

Total weight: 36 kg

24-pole permanent magnet synchronous motor totally independent of the base.

Belt drive on internal counter plate.

Patented precision bearing (N° FR3092151)

Solid top with high moment of inertia.

Two speeds: 33.33 and 45 rpm by moving the belt over the stepped pulley.




This model is based on the fundamental principles of Pierre Riffaud’s designs:

Mass as an absolute principle,

Belt drive,

Pure mechanics,

Speed stability,

And no electronic peripherals to reduce operating life.



In addition to a rigorously technical approach, Pierre Riffaud accentuates his artistic bent by introducing new materials. Among those tested was the precious PETIT ANTIQUE NOIR POMPÉIEN marble from the Héchette quarry (Hautes Pyrénées).

This is an exceptional offer for any music lover whose sensitivity to objets d’art can be translated into the possession of a unique object.


The base is made from a block of granite or marble (to order, see above), CNC-machined and customized by hand by a stone cutter. Ice-polished finish.

It stands on 3 feet equipped with height-adjustable coil-spring suspension jacks for perfect levelling.

Belt drive is by means of a convex profile pulley (stepped 33 / 45) optimized to the belt dimensions, and an aluminum counter-plate, machined to the precision required to obtain the exact speed, without slipping.

The diameter of the chainring has been increased to 328 mm to take advantage of its high kinetic energy. It is machined from a solid bar of aircraft-quality stabilized cast aluminum.



OPUS II model

Single-pivot type on silicone bath,

Internal wiring: Nordost Norse2 , gold-plated rhodium cell clips,

With mounting base including anti-skating and VTA adjustment.

RCA /RCA connection via Lémo

Total length 385 mm
Effective length 308.60 mm (12 inches)
Pivot to disc center distance 295.60 mm
Offset angle 18,5°
VTA setting 0 to 10 mm
Moving mass 1150 g
Offset angle (cell) 17,3°
Overhang 13 mm
Support force adjustment 0,5 / 5g
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