After a year of studies to develop a new mechanism for guiding the platter in rotation in order to perfect its sound rendering, Pierre Riffaud delivered his latest model in April 2018 to Sté Jadis, of which he is a partner.


With its design in line with the THALIE model, this new reading table with the HESTIA name was presented at the High End trade show from May 10 to 13 in Munich, where it met with great success.


Jelco TS-550L 12-inch arm

At the same time, Pierre Riffaud overhauled the CLASSIQUE model to streamline its design. With a new bearing to reduce background noise and improve the smoothness of the platter rotation, it becomes CLASSIQUE II.

Supplied as standard with a Jelco 12″ TS-550L arm (photo1), it can be fitted with the OPUS arm as an option. (photo2) this model went on sale in JUNE 2018. This model is the brand’s basic offering.

OPUS arm

OPUS arm

At the end of AUGUST, “Le journal du Dimanche” published an article in issue no. 3737 referring to the Riffaud Versailles turntable, in which we read: “…audiophiles jaded by digital sound are waking up… and rediscovering the pleasure of analog sound”.

This special attention from the weekly magazine is much appreciated by the designer!

This special attention from the weekly magazine is much appreciated by the designer!

In SEPTEMBER, the first public presentation of CLASSIQUE II took place at the HOT VIENNE event, as part of a conference at the BFM in Limoges, and a tribute to the late J. Marie MASSE, founder of the Hot Club de Limoges.

On this day, Pierre Riffaud presented his activity, and the audience was able to experience the emotion of listening “live” to nuggets from the jazz record collection, the only one of its kind in France.

See the video report on the 7alimoges website: https: //

The year ends on a high note with this beautiful report
French Hi-Fi: the haute couture of sound.
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