Test bench published by Stereo-Prestige and Image in April 2014.

Technical specifications :

Power supply 230 V 50 Hz

Turntable with suspended mass.

Total weight: 36 kg (without arms)

24-pole permanent magnet synchronous motor

totally independent of the base.

Belt drive on internal counter plate.

Solid top with high moment of inertia.

Arm features

Unipivot type on silicone bath,

Total length 385 mm
Effective length 308.60 mm (12 inches)
Pivot to disc center distance 295.60 mm
Offset angle 18,5°
VTA setting 0 to 10 mm
Moving mass 1150 g
Offset angle (cell) 17,3°
Overhang 13 mm
Support force adjustment 0,5 / 5g

Internal wiring: each conductor is of the Litz wire type, consisting of 3 strands of 99.999% pure silver, 8 hundredths of a mm in diameter (0.08 mm), enamelled with polyurethane. Opus arms

Fixed speed: 33.33 rpm at ± 0.02%.

first copy

first copy