Dimensions: Ø293 mm x 5 mm (thickness)

Net weight: 180 g Packed weight 400 g

Box dimensions: 330x 330 x 28



The Riffaud Micpormat (1) platter cover is the perfect interface between the vinyl record and the metal platter of your turntable. It is an ideal replacement for felt or rubber mats or other original equipment.



The diamond’s journey in the groove is no walk in the park. In orchestral fortissimos, for example, or in drum solos, it is subjected to phenomenal accelerations, the mechanical energy of which is transformed into resonances in the record itself. These resonances create a kind of echo superimposed on the initial message delivered by the cell. The whole thing is then amplified by your playback system, and as you’ve probably noticed, it’s impossible to increase the volume without increasing the distortion.

Technology :

Thanks to its micro-porous molecular structure based on vinyl chloride, the Micpormat Riffaud platter cover effectively absorbs this energy, so that resonances no longer alter the music, eliminating colorations and giving you a purer, more dynamic sound, allowing you to listen louder without distortion.


Specially designed for RIFFAUD vinyl turntables, allowing you to enjoy their pure sound, it is perfectly compatible with platter models featuring a projecting edge (e.g. Garrard 301 / 401), and fits all vinyl turntables with height-adjustable arms (VTA).

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